Small groups like historical societies really struggle to get into print because of inexperience in publishing and the prohibitive costs. Eureka Printing provide such a valuable service to groups such as ours. Value for money; professional high quality printing, a creative and proactive approach to publishing and a genuine desire to be of service. No need to look elsewhere- highly recommended. Lydia Dronseika - Tatong Heritage GroupRead all

Letterheads Eureka Printing is a unique letterhead printing company offering high quality, low cost full colour or black and white letterhead printing services. What makes us unique is that we offer letterhead printing services nationally, and not just locally.

All our letterheads are printed on premium grade 100 or 120 gsm paper that is guaranteed to operate trouble free with all inkjet and laser printers.

   Key Specifications:

  • Single or double sided full colour printing
  • Premium grade white 100 or 120gsm paper
  • Eco friendly printing, sourced from sustainable forests
  • Inkjet and Laser printer guaranteed
  • FREE delivery to one Australian address

    Available Extras:

  • Pantone/Spot colour printing? Fine papers?

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