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Book Printing

Book printing

Some good reasons why you should choose Eureka Printing as your book printers in Australia:


Cost-efficiency. Eureka Printing are your cost effective book printers, located in Australia.  We minimise overheads so that we can offer you cheap book printing in Melbourne.
Quality & Communication. We have extensive experience as book printers. Eureka Printing is well-equipped with the know-how and technology to produce high quality books.  We know what is involved in book printing and we strive to give extensive, expert advise.  Hundreds of self-publishing projects have been conducted successfully by us.  Printing books is our daily experience, and we deliver exceptional results to every client. 
Product range and Versatility. Eureka Printing's book printing services can meet your needs, whether your job is large or small.  We are well equipped for book printing in Australia, with printing and finishing machinery to handle large or small jobs, perfect or burst bound books, hard cover or wire bound books. 
Environment. Eureka Printing is a leader among book printing companies in being environmentally responsible. Our book printing uses carbon-neutral, FSC certified paper, and all our machinery and offices run on 100% green energy.
When you think book printing, book your printing with Eureka Printing!

Paperback or Soft-cover books.
This category includes books which are bound with hot-melt glue. We offer book binding with 2 types of hot-melt glues. The most common and cost effective type is regular EVA-based glue. We also offer PUR-based glue when a stronger bond is desired, for example in thick books, or when the books must withstand extensive usage, for example in telephone books. PUR binding is subject to an expensive set-up cost, and so, to maximize your cost-efficiency, we recommend it only for print runs of at least 1000 copies.  With Eureka Printing, the books can either be burst bound with pre-folded signatures, or perfect bound when binding applies straight to the collated book block.
Hard Cover book printing or Case Bound books.
This category involves making strong hard board based covers. Matt board as thick as 2.4 mm -3 mm is not useful for printing, so covers are printed on a thinner stock and wrapped around matt board to create a hard cover for the book. Alternatively, a variety of book cloths can be used, such as linen, or a leather grain finish. In case of cloth book covers, the book title can be printed with hot foil stamping or debossing.  The world is your oyster when hardcover book printing with Eureka Printing.
Wire-bound books.
This category of book is popular for cook books and manuals. Due to the low set-up costs involved, wire bound books are popular for short run book printing. We offer wire bound books with traditional, exposed o-wire binding, half-Canadian wire binding and full-Canadian. Half-Canadian binding is very popular for text books and cook books. The advantage of half-canadian wire binding is that you cannot see wire in front cover and spine of the book.
Saddle Stitched books.
This book category is cost efficient and is a good option for both short and long print runs, when the book has a small number of pages. Usually saddle stitched books can have a maximum of 60 to 80 pages, depending on the paper thickness chosen for the book:  The thicker the paper, the less pages a saddle-stitched book can have.
When printing a book, choose Eureka Printing!
Eureka Printing prints all kinds of books.  Here are some examples of book types that are printed by Eureka Printing:
Self-PublishedPaperback or Softcover books.
Eureka's book printing services have successfully completed hundreds of book printing projects for self publishing organisations and individuals. This category includes novels, textbooks, memoirs, manuals, school books, history and family books. Usually books in this category are finished as perfect bound books. Digital book printing is used for short runs, and offset printing for larger runs.
Self-Publishing Australia.
Cook book printing is very popular and this type of books is often used for fund-raising projects. The most popular binding types are perfect binding, half-canadian wire binding, and o-exposed wire binding. Cook books are one of our major products, so you will always be able to secure the quality and cost efficiency of your project when you choose Eureka Printing. When you think of printing books, think of Eureka Printing.
Coffee-table books.
The coffee-table book printing style is used for a large variety of book topics, but they have this in common: They are always produced in full-colour album style, whether hardcover or perfect bound books. Bright and colourful, with silk or gloss finish, with or without dust jacket, your cookbook will always be an appealing, presentable, high quality product you will be proud of.
Photo books.
Photo book printing is for when you would like to have all your memorable photos or artwork put together in one beautiful album. This is the ideal form to present your artwork or your photos to your relatives and guests. Photo books can be printed as hard-cover books or soft cover books with a glossy dust jacket. Both ways result in an impressive presentation.
Contact our friendly team today and get your book printing on its way.
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